Personalized and Custom Wallet Buyer Guide

How to Choose a Personalized or Custom Wallet

Phone, keys, wallet. How many times in a day do you run through that checklist?

Standard bi-fold wallets have been the same for nearly a century. For something we use nearly every day, your ID shouldn’t be the only thing that makes it yours. Unfortunately, a clunky leather wallet doesn’t lend much room for customization. Truthfully, most people never give their personal wallet a second thought.

The whole point of having something personal though is that it’s unique to you. Something as essential as your daily wallet shouldn’t be dull and boring. Maybe you want a wallet that offers a bit… more.

Thankfully, there’s been a slow but steady uptick in multi-use, personalized wallets that can be customized to help you tackle whatever needs doing in your daily life!

A personalized wallet goes beyond an Everyday Carry (EDC) wallet, there’s meaning in it. By designing a customized wallet, it becomes more than just a place to store your cash and cards, it’s a subtle nod to what makes you unique every time you pull it out of your pocket.

The term ‘personalized’ has gotten kind of a bad wrap though hasn’t it? It probably brings to mind fleeting images of keychains in some gift shop somewhere with your name on it. Not so exciting. Personalizing a wallet doesn’t have to stop at your initials and favorite colors though. Maybe your buddy is obsessed with his Subaru (we all know that one guy). Personalization for him could be a picture of his beloved car on his custom wallet so he can always keep it with him. Or maybe there’s a heartwarming phrase that carries a lot of meaning for you and a loved one, and you each get it engraved in your wallet. Maybe you’ve just started a business, and get your company logo on the front to celebrate! These are the kind of wallet personalizations that take it from an ordinary wallet to a statement piece.

Customizing a wallet goes beyond just looks though. It can mean adding features like tools and accessories. But what tools can you fit in a custom wallet? We’re glad you asked! What about an 18-in-1 multi tool? An ultraslim USB card? Or an LED flashlight for taking a look under the hood of the car? How can it become something that has everything you need to take on the world, while staying compact, stylish, and most importantly, uniquely yours?

This is exactly why we designed the Gadget Wallet 3.0. From optional sidekick accessories to swappable front plates, we wanted to give you the ability to build yourself the best customizable wallet in the world!

If your wallet is in need of an upgrade or there’s someone you know that could use a custom EDC wallet filled with tools and accessories that will make it the most unique wallet they’ll ever own (and have you to thank for it) check out our Gadget 3.0 Wallet!