“I’d LOVE to Customize it to the Fullest” – Albe’s ADV YouTube Channel Reviews the Gadget Wallet 3.0

Calling all motorcyclists! If you’re looking for a place where you can talk shop, learn about bike maintenance, adventures, and find reviews for some of the latest bikes, you’ve got to check out Albe’s Adv on YouTube! Albe recently shared his thoughts on our Gadget Wallet 3.0 and we’re so stoked that he likes it. His video talks about how customizable the wallet is, from the material and colour, to the personalization options. He also loves the slick and compact design but most of all, he was in need of something that was sturdy, small, and strong enough to take dirt biking with him, and our Gadget Wallet 3.0 is the perfect solution!

Of course, it wouldn’t be truly his without his Albe’s Adv custom printed front plate. Thank you Albe for taking the time to review this! Check out his review to get a discount code you can use when you customize your own.

Order your MGear Gadget Wallet 3.0 HERE!