Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas For Outdoor Adventurers

It’s already October, and the holidays are just around the corner. That means that not only will you have to think of what to get everyone else, but you’ll also need answers ready for when everyone asks what they should get you!

Never fear, MGear is all about keeping you prepared, so we’ve put together a list of 5 great gift ideas for all the outdoor adventurers in your life (even if that adventurer is you!). Whether they’re experienced explorers or just love a weekend camping session, these gifts are sure to be as unique as they are useful.

#1 Gadget Wallet 3.0

Wallets are one of those things everyone needs but nobody thinks about, often settling for whatever’s cheap and gets the job done. But if you’ve ever geared up to go for a hike or are trying to travel light, you know a traditional wallet can often be bulky, uncomfortable, and provide little in the way of functionality. Why not give someone a wallet they’re excited to carry? Or better yet, that does more than just holding their cards?

Our MGear Gadget Wallet 3.0 is a reinvention of what a wallet should be, and was crafted with the outdoors in mind. With its highly customizable design, minimalist structure, and tons of optional attachments, it’s a gift that’s sure to be a winner amongst the explorers in your life.

Outfit it with sidekick attachments and internal accessories like the mini storage tube to keep matches dry and the fresnel lens for starting your campfire with nothing but sunlight. Go a step further and make this gift unforgettable by adding custom photos or text to the swappable front plate for your loved one.

What better way to show someone you’ve thought about them than with a one-of-a-kind gift that’s been designed specifically for them?

Check out our new Wallet Builder and start customizing now!

#2 Magbook Extreme Notepad

When you find a notebook that can take the brunt of travelling, rainfall, debris, dirt, grease, – whatever you can throw at it – and still perform like new, it’s hard to go back to anything else. Whether you know someone who likes to lose themselves in their writing, is always travelling, or just loves sketching out ideas for their next build, our MGear Magbook Extreme Waterproof Notepad and Pen is an EDC essential for anyone in your life.

With 100% waterproof paper, carbon fibre covers and twist-action metal EDC pen that are magnetically secured, it was made to endure the elements, in all their wild and rugged glory.

Customize the cover with a personalized message, a company logo, or a favourite photo to really take this gift to the next level.

#3 MGear Flashpen

The dual-purpose tool you never knew you needed  – until you need it. With 130 lumens of LED brightness, 3 power functions, and refillable bolt-action pen, our FlashPen really packs a punch.

Store it in your pack to have while portaging, in the car in case you need to take a look under the hood, or on your person so you’re always ready to take down critical info.

Perfect for the avid adventurer, techie looking for a new tool, or the coolest stocking stuffer! But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

MGear FlashPen: The Ultimate Pen and Flashlight Combo

#4  MultiBelt Lite / MultiBelt Pro

So much more than just an accessory, the MGear MultiBelt Lite Belt with Multitool Buckle is the perfect gift for novice and experienced explorers alike! It’s nylon webbing provides strong and lightweight support, while the durable carbon fibre buckle boasts our small but mighty MGear Klaw tool. With features like a driver bit holder for working in tight spaces, and a bottle opener for cracking open a cold one, this tactical belt is a wearable multitool in its own right, and is useful for any occasion.

Secured by our powerful neodymium magnets and available in a variety of designs, this belt is a gift that’s sure to impress. Plus, you can turn this to the ultimate utility belt by pairing it with one of our Belt Gadgets!

Looking for something a little tougher that can take on even more? The MGear MultiBelt Pro: Belt with Multitool Buckle has been made with a wider, heavy-duty nylon webbing for even greater durability.

#5 Belt Gadget: 10-in-1 multitool

Have a friend who recently got into the outdoor lifestyle? Give them a warm welcome to the Gadgeteer community with the MGear Belt Gadget: 10-in-1 MultiTool with Flashlight & Magnetic Holster. The leather holster easily clips on to upgrade any boring old belt into an awesome fully functioning tactical belt. Fully loaded with our 2000 lumen LED flashlight and folding multi-tool, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

The waterproof flashlight with zoom capabilities is a trusted companion when navigating through the night. Whether traversing the trails, lighting up the campsite, or just ensuring a safe trip home after an evening out, it’s a go-to. The multi-tool is ready and eager to be put to work right away. Its uses are endless, from setting up shelter for the night to simply tightening that loose doorknob at home.

Whoever the lucky recipient is, they’ll never be caught unprepared again!