MGear Gadget Wallet


The One-of-a-Kind Wallet Made Just for You

From the Gadgeteers of MGear, we proudly introduce the MGear Gadget Wallet 3.0, the ultimate wallet handcrafted and made specifically for each of its users.

The Gadget Wallet 3.0 is the most innovative, customizable wallet you will ever find. Our newly patented modular design and expandable subcompact platform enable you to quickly and easily swap out the front plate without any tools. With a vastly expanded set of accessories, it is easier than ever to customize, modify and add features like the flashlight or mini pen to match your preferences.

Designed to be slim and slick, made from the strongest and lightest materials. You’ll never look at any wallet the same way, and plus, with a lifetime warranty, you won’t have to worry about buying a new wallet ever again. Unleash the gadgeteer in you today and build your Gadget Wallet 3.0!

Basic Features:

  • Full-Size ID window
  • 1-5 cards inside capacity
  • Cash & Accessory Band (Additional 1-5 cards outside capacity )
  • Swappable Front and Backplates
  • Expandable Sides
  • Magnifying Fresnel lens (*)
  • RFID Card -Measuring & Conversion Guide (*)
  • RFID Card- Survival Emergency Guide (*)
  • Ball Necklace(*)
  • Lifetime Warranty


Base Materials:

  • Solid Machined Aluminum Frame
  • Carbon Fiber Front and Side Panels
  • Carbon Fiber Front & Back Plates
  • High Strength Spring Steel Tension Plate
  • High Strength Flexible Nylon Band
  • High Strength Screws

*FREE ACCESSORIES (Extended until DEC 1, 2021)

$50.00 USD +