Our Mission

To relentlessly innovate and create highly functional modern gear that inspires new adventures!

Since our inception, we have focused on developing innovative products for modern men and women driven by three guiding principles:

  • Compact, minimalist products that pack a lot of functionality
  • Customers can select, modify and add specific features that are useful to them
  • Customers can customize and personalize their products

We take pride in designing compact, multi-purpose products that you can carry with you in your daily adventures. A perfect example of this is our Gadget Wallet 3.0 which holds all your cards but can be expanded with other useful accessories such as multi-tools, mini pen, flashlight, storage tube, data storage, and even a personal tracker. Now that’s what we call a multi-talented product!

All MGear products are designed with YOU in mind. That’s why when selecting your MGear product you get to decide what features to add. If you prefer the smallest, minimalist version of the product, you can get the base version. However, if you love useful gadgets, you’ll probably prefer the same product with a few practical accessories on board. It’s your choice!

And speaking of choice, we are delighted to craft truly one-of-a-kind products for our customers. All our products come in different color and material combinations, while our most customizable products like the Gadget Wallet 3.0 with parts that can be made with custom images or logos. Thanks to this high level of customization, our Gadget Wallets are enjoyed globally by everyone, men and woman, from urban warriors to outdoor explorers, tactical, sports, and martial arts communities, to fans of sci-fi, comic books, video games, cars, pets, and many other hobbies and passions. The ability to place a custom image on the front panel of the wallet allows you to share what you are passionate about with others around you – since your wallet is always in your pocket.

Our products are hand-crafted in North America, assembled from a combination of high precision parts produced and manufactured in the US and Canada, as well as components sourced from Asia. Our small production runs allow us to construct products that are crafted specifically for YOU. We want everyone to have their MGear product by their side for years to come. This is why everything we produce goes through rigorous testing, at the hands of both our employees and our customers. We don’t just want you – our customers – to take our word for it, we want you to be part of the process.


The Future

We’re still very young as a company and we’re excited about what lies ahead. We’re always striving to develop unique products that solve problems that people encounter in their daily lives, whether it's in their own homes or deep in the wilderness.

We have plenty of new ventures on the horizon. We’re currently converting a shipping container into our first pop-up store. We’re also working on a mobile production shop that will allow us to take our business on the road and participate in various trade shows. Finally, we’re also in the process of opening additional production facilities and retail stores across North America.

The future looks bright at MGear and we want to take our customers with us on every step of the journey!