Unique Holiday Gifts Under $100

Already the smell of mulled wine is wafting through the air and the cold weather is creeping in. As they say in Game of Thrones, Winter is coming! We all know what that means: the gift giving season is upon us. Now we’ll be spending time trying to pick just the right gift. If you can’t find what to buy for the person in your life who has everything, then look no further!

MGear has the ultimate selection of gifts for the hikers, fishermen, hunters, camping and outdoor enthusiasts. Plus, this year, MGear has even launched some special Gaming / Hero Editions of its products for the inner geeks who love video games and superheroes. Like all MGear products, these new additions are both practical and one of a kind – and sure to put a big smile on that special someone’s face these holidays!

If you’re on a budget, then this list is perfectly curated for you. We’ve chosen a wide variety of gifts that fit any price range. On top of that, we’re stoked to offer a special code MJOLLY to our newsletters subscribers which allows you to save 15% off any products on this list. Enjoy browsing our awesome gift list below!

MGear Gadget Wallet 2.0

We all love the feeling of seeing someone use something we got for them. Why not get them something they can use every day? A wallet is a practical gift that can be pretty stellar, especially the Gadget Wallet 2.0 by MGear! This rad wallet has so many genius features you’ll be envious of your friend when you give it to them. It’s got everything you can think of, such as an 18-in-1 multi-tool, compact flashlight, removable money clip, emergency key / coin holder, RFID protection card, and plenty more surprises. Did we mention it’s also customizable? Because it is! You can literally give them a one-of-a-kind wallet like no other. We even have a Gaming / Hero Edition if they’re into gaming or comics. Get their favorite character put on it so they can carry it everywhere with them. With a wallet like this, they’ll love showing it off!

MGear Gadget Wallet 2.0: Patriot Edition 

If you’re trying to find the right gift for the veteran or patriot in your life, then we have the perfect product for you! The Patriot Edition of our Gadget Wallet 2.0 is outfitted with all the same great features as the standard Gadget Wallet, from the multi-tool to the flashlight, but this version shows your pride for your country. You choose from multiple US designs, a Canadian design and even a St. Andrew’s Cross Edition. And if that’s not enough – you can send us a custom patriotic image that we can engrave on the front plate. For those people who want to show their love for their country this wallet is a fantastic present!

MGear Ultra Slim Memory Card

Recently launched, the MGear Ultra Slim Memory Card is the ultimate stocking stuffer for the techie or gamer in your life. At the size of a credit card, it’s a convenient way to carry all your valuable digital files with you. With 32 GB of storage, a writing speed of >3MB/S and reading speed at >10MB/S; it’s an efficient and fast way to keep your data safe and transfer your files. Plus, the handy Measuring and Conversion guide can help you in a pinch. Another awesome way to make this gift special is to customize it with your choice of image / logo or engraved text. For your techie and geek friends, the Ultra Slim Memory Card is sure to impress them!

MGear NiteStryker Flashlight and Holster

Everyone needs a powerful flashlight, whether you’re indoors or outdoors and this is your chance to impress the handyman or outdoor enthusiast in your life. The NiteStryker Flashlight and Holster has a formidable 1175 lumen LED bulb, 18 hour life, 395 meter range. There are also three brightness settings and even an emergency flash mode. Another great feature is that you can quickly turn it into a lantern thanks to the included silicone cap. Topping it all of the NightStryker also comes with a holster that securely attaches to your belt. All in all, the NiteStryker is the quintessential companion for all indoor and outdoor applications.

MGear MagBook Gaming / Hero Edition

Do you know someone that loves to take notes or make lists? Well, just pick an awesome image of something they love – like a gaming / comic character, SpaceX rocket, car or hobby and we’ll put it on the cover of the MagBook Waterproof Notepad Gaming / Hero Edition. The MagBook has a carbon fiber and water resistant cover which can survive harsh conditions. We also made sure it had composite paper that’s completely waterproof to keep your notes from being ruined by a spilled beer or soaked backpack. Other great features include a mini EDC twist pen and a heavy-duty magnet to keep the MagBook closed. Whether your friend loves making Dungeons and Dragons maps or loves to take notes while hiking, this is the perfect gift for them.

MGear GearBox Mini

We’re all tired of carrying things in your pockets and finding things have fallen out. Not to mention how annoying getting your headphones tangled in your car keys is when you’re rummaging in your pockets! The Gearbox Mini solves these problems and makes a great gift for anyone. It’s the smaller sibling of our popular GearBox which makes it fit more easily in your pockets. Like the original, it’s made with a sturdy Kydex material and genuine leather to keep it from wearing out. Not to mention all the colour choices! Whatever they love, you’ll be able to buy one that fits your friend’s personality just right thanks to a large selection of colors and finish options.

MGear Tyzer Magnetic Mini EDC Bottle Holder

For your friends who keep forgetting their hand sanitizer everywhere, the Tyzer Magnetic Mini Bottle Holder is the perfect gift. It’s a great way to carry a small amount of sanitizer, lotion or sunscreen. The Tyzer includes a 20ml PE refillable squeeze bottle which is secured with strong magnets and inserts into a multi-color anodized aluminum base. Like all our products, we ensure it’s durable and long lasting. You can also clip it to your bag with the steel carabiner and bring it everywhere. The Tyzer is so useful, you may even want one for yourself!

MGear Belt EDC Gadgets

The MGear MultiBelt Pro is one of our hottest products and a perfect gift for explorers and handymen because of its heavy duty construction and the multi-tool built into the belt buckle. But did you know that its usefulness can be further expanded thanks to large selection of great Belt Accessories? For example, the hiker on your holiday list will enjoy the EDC Mini Knife & Flashlight Holster Set. A knife is a crucial tool for all kinds of adventurers. If they want more storage on their hips for their items, then the MGear Black Box is a perfect storage vessel for their stuff. The Black Box is fully waterproof and made from solid aluminum to keep their gear safe. Or maybe they have got a lot of keys to carry, so they could use the MGear Magnetic Key Organizer. The Neodymium magnet secures the keys together and keeps them organized to prevent fumbling in the dark. Pick one to go with the belt, or pick them all!

Hopefully this gift guide gave you some inspiration and helps reduce the stress of holiday shopping. Everyone loves cool and unique gadgets, so surely these products will blow away your friends or partner-in-crime this holiday season. Now Gear Up & Get Out There!

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