Top Weekend Adventures in the Age of Covid-19

Taking a Vacation During Covid-19: Alternatives to Air Travel and Hotel Vacations

If you’re like us and have been staying at home, socially distancing when you have to go out and incessantly washing your hands, the arrival of warmer weather has surely got your inner weekend warrior wondering what kind of trouble you can get into this spring / summer. As we wait for the economy to gradually open around the world – vacations in the traditional sense – like travelling on an airplane may not be possible for some time to come. That’s why we’ve assembled some great local weekend adventure and activity ideas you can tackle. Think of these as mini-vacations and don’t be afraid of trying something new – you just might discover a new passion!

We recognize that every country / state / province will resume its return to a “new normal” at a different time, with a different approach, and we ask that you respect your local laws and recommendations. And now on to our list!

Host a Backyard / Driveway Gathering: As the temperature climbs, inviting a few family members or friends to your backyard or driveway is a great way to bring the social aspect back into our lives. Just remember to respect social distancing and don’t allow anyone into the house. To keep things safe, it’s best to ask everyone to bring their own beverages and snacks – and refrain from sharing anything with each other. If you live in an apartment you could organize a little gathering at a local park, provided this is permitted in your neck of the woods.

Hiking: This outdoor activity doesn’t just allow you to get out of the confines of your home, it also comes with lots of physical and mental health benefits. Aside from the exercise element, the exposure to fresh air and sunshine can have a great impact on your mood and general mental health. So bring your significant other, a friend, and all your pets and be sure to pack a lunch! One additional bonus is that this outdoor activity essentially comes with “built-in” social distancing and even when you encounter other hikers, it’s easy enough to keep 6 feet away from them. And of course, be sure to bring the right gear along, like some of the items on our Best Survival Gear For 2020 list.

Star Gazing: There are few things in life quite as mesmerizing as looking up at the sky on a clear summer night. Astronomy apps for iOS and Android make objects like planets, constellations and even the International Space Station very easy to locate in the night sky and if you gaze long enough, you’re sure to spot a few “shooting stars”. Bonus tip: look at the sky through a pair of binoculars – the increased amount of details you’ll see will blow your mind!

Fishing: Ask any fisherman and they’re likely to tell you that fishing is one of the original self-isolating activities. If you’ve never tried fishing, it’s really easy to get into – just look up a few fishing tutorials on YouTube, pick up a fishing rod and some lures at a local shop via curbside pick-up or an online shop and you’ll be ready to try something new in no time.

Photography: The cameras built into modern phones are surprisingly powerful – you just have to know how to use them properly. If you own a dedicated camera that’s even better. Either way, we recommend looking up YouTube tutorials on how to take pictures with your specific phone or camera and then taking this newly learned knowledge on your next outdoor adventure. Explore your creative side this spring / summer by taking pictures of landscapes, wildlife and don’t forget to take a few shots of your significant other! Bonus tip: consider picking up a drone like the DJI Mavic Mini or the Mavic Air 2 and shooting some awesome outdoor video. Both drones easily fit in your backpack and are capable of stunning video quality.

Mountain Biking: Biking in the city is one thing but taking your bike for a ride on some good trails outside of town is a whole other experience. The commuter bike that you take to work daily is easy enough to pack in the back of an SUV or a sport wagon and more than good enough to explore many out of town bike paths and easier off road trails. If you’re feeling more adventurous and own a mountain bike, we definitely recommend exploring trails that run through parks and forests.

Off-roading: If you own a 4×4 SUV or pickup truck and you’ve never taken it off-roading, this spring / summer we encourage you to give this a try. Lots of trails are available within 1-2 hour drive from most cities and few weekend adventures will give you as much of a thrill as this. We recommend going out in a small group of two to four vehicles so that if one of you gets stuck in the mud, you’ve got a few sets of hands to help you get out of trouble. Check out this great guide from Road & Track magazine on how to get started with off-roading.

Rent an RV (Recreational Vehicle): Taking a one or two week family vacation in an RV or motorhome is probably one of the best ways to extinguish your desire to vacation in the age of Covid-19 while we are asked to socially distance ourselves. If you plan well, you can take all your food and supplies with you – the only stops you’ll have to make are to fuel up. There are plenty of destinations to explore in an RV – from private RV parks to state / provincial / national parks.

This wraps up our recommended list of outdoor activities for this spring / summer. There are of course many other activities you could tackle like camping, canoeing / kayaking, renting a houseboat, renting a cottage and even hunting. No matter which outdoor adventures you choose to pursue, one thing is for sure – every great outdoor adventure should be accompanied with some equally great outdoor gear. MGear offers a wide range of minimalist, outdoor products and accessories designed for weekend warriors and serious outdoor adventurers alike – check out the full range of MGear products here.