Showcase: MGear Gadget Wallet 2.0

The MGear Gadget Wallet 2.0 is the most innovative, customizable wallet in the world, designed for all your epic urban and outdoor adventures. Its advanced modular design allows you to select features that are best suited for your personal needs, such as the 18-in-1 multi-tool, compact flashlight, removable money clip, emergency key / coin holder and much more. Plus you can choose from 1 of 16 texture / color finishes, engrave personal messages on various parts and even customize the logo on its front plate. The MGear Gadget Wallet 2.0 is compact yet highly versatile. Made out of seriously tough materials, this wallet is built to last a lifetime. Once you get your hands on one, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without one! Let’s take a closer look at its design and customizable features.

First, you’ll need to choose your preferred texture and color pattern for the front and rear wallet plates. All MGear wallets are constructed out of a durable material called Kydex and give you a choice of various finishes that include carbon fiber, leather, Kryptek and HexCam.

Next, you get to choose the design of the wallet’s front plate. Start by selecting whether you prefer a Kydex cut out, metal cut out or an engraved metal design.

The final step in designing the appearance of your Gadget Wallet 2.0 is to select the logo for the front plate. You can choose the awesome MGear logo, the badass Skull design and a number of other great designs pictured below. If you’d like to go really custom – you can also send us your logo and we’ll engrave it on the wallet’s metal front plate, or carve it into the Kydex or metal front plate.

The next step is to choose the card capacity of the wallet. The base model of the Gadget Wallet 2.0 provides space for up to 8 bank, credit or business cards. If you prefer a slimmer minimalist wallet, you can opt for a 5 card capacity. If you carry more cards, you can choose the 10 card capacity.

Every Gadget Wallet 2.0 comes equipped with an RFID security card to keep all of your bank and credit cards safe from hackers. There are two choices here: version 1 of the card comes with survival & emergency codes and version 2 comes with a conversion & measuring guide. Which one will you choose?

And now comes the really fun part: you get to outfit your MGear Gadget Wallet 2.0 with all the kickass gadgets and accessories! MGear offers five different upgrade packs.

The Base model of the wallet comes with these standard features:
MGear Skull design metal front plate
ID window backplate
Ejector mid-plate
5-10 bank, credit or business card capacity

Upgrade 1:
Base Model +
Swappable / removable stainless money clip
10-in-1 multi-tool

Upgrade 2:
Base Model +
Swappable / removable stainless money clip
18-in-1 multi-tool
Emergency key / coin holder with fresnel card

Upgrade 3:
Base Model + Upgrade 2 +
Aluminum compartment box
2 RFID cards: survival & emergency codes + conversion & measuring guide

Upgrade 4:
Base Model + Upgrade 3 +
EDC flashlight
Leather holster

Upgrade 5:
Base Model + Upgrade 4
Handmade paracord lanyard with 2 carabiners

Design your perfect MGear Gadget Wallet 2.0 today inside MGear Shop.