MGear Tyzer Magnetic Mini Bottle and Holder

Clip this magnetic bottle holder to your backpack or belt to always have a personal supply

Have you caught yourself in the city without hand sanitizer recently? How about on a bright and sunny day without sunscreen? Camping and in need of hand soap? Suffering through fries without ketchup?

Fear not, friends! Our Mini Bottle Holder is here to help. Designed to hold 20ml of liquid, the thermoplastic mini squeeze bottle fits snug and secure in its holder, making it your compact companion for the daily grind or air travel. And with its steel carabiner clip, you can attach it to your travel pack, your belt loop, or even your keys, so you’ll always have it ready to dispense.

With the option to get extra bottles, you can change out the bottle for whatever contents you need most. No more surprise sunburns on the beach trip, unmoisturized hands after a day of hard work, or disappointing ketchup-less fries!