MGear Magbook Waterproof Kydex Notepad and Pen – Pontus Texture

Waterproof cover and paper makes this the best notebook for the outdoors

It’s the worst-case scenario: You’re out on a beautiful nature excursion, spending a few days in the outdoors to get away from your phone and clear your mind, journaling your thoughts and taking notes as ideas pop into your head. Then, a rainstorm hits while you’re hiking. Your notebook has been soaked, and all your brilliance has been ruined with it.

Not to worry, our Magbook is here to save the day! With its waterproof paper and Kydex covers, this travel-size notepad comes outfitted with our mini EDC twist pen, secured between three incredibly strong neodymium magnets that help ensure your pen is always on hand, and that your notebook stays closed when not in use.

This edition comes with Thermoplastic Kydex covers with patterns and designs to match your adventures!

Filled up your pages quicker than expected? Replacement pages are available so you can keep refilling them again and again.


  • Thermoplastic Kydex Covers
  • 100 % waterproof composite paper (50 sheets)
  • Magnetically secured with neodymium magnets
  • Mini EDC metal twist pen
  • Replacement notepad sheets are available
  • 77 mm wide x 130 mm long