Best Survival Gear For 2020

Survival is about more than just skill; it also relies on the gear you use and how you use it!

Here are our top 10 survival gear recommendations for 2020. We’ve included a few picks from our own collection and chose affordable items that can be found at any outdoor or department store.


Believe it or not, a reliable compass may be your best survival tool. While most survivalists are able to use the sun and moon as time indicators, there may be many scenarios in which you can’t entirely rely on them. A compact, weather-proof compass can help you figure out where you are and where you need to go. This is especially important if you’re camping or exploring during a season in which you aren’t familiar with the sun’s movement throughout the day.


When camping, practicing survival skills, or simply enjoying the outdoors, the multi-tool is your best friend. Multi-tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes – you may be thinking of the Swiss Army Knife – but we recommend a more compact solution. MGear offers a few multi-tools, each one smaller than the palm of your hand, which feature up to 18 different uses!

Utility Belt

A sturdy utility belt is a survivalist’s best friend. A utility belt can be used in a multitude of ways to secure your gear, protect your body, and even get you out of tricky situations. There are many scenarios in which a strong utility belt will come in handy! We recommend checking out our MGear Multi Tactical Utility Belt, which features steel fasteners, neodymium magnets, and a micro folding Coin Knife.

Hunting Knife

Despite what the name suggests, hunting knives are useful for far more than just hunting. Even the most animal-conscious survivalist should always carry a reliable hunting knife. They can be used for preparing food, like fruits and vegetables, fishing, first aid, clearing foliage, crafting tools, or even self defense if necessary.

Hardbox or Waterproof Container

A waterproof container is integral to protecting your items, whether they be financially valuable, sentimental, or easily damaged by water – like medications or electronics. Using a small hardbox or waterproof pouch, like our MGear Hardbox EDC Belt Pouch, will keep your items safe and close to your body at all times.

First-Aid Kit

Even a simple first aid kit could save your life. Survivalists, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts know the true value of a well-crafted survival kit, stocked with essentials like iodine, bandages, steri-strips, and sanitizing wipes. While some may believe your greatest threat to survival is wild animals, the real danger lies in infectious bacteria.

Flashlight or Headlamp

A solid flashlight or headlamp is essential for spending time outdoors, even in broad daylight. You will come across scenarios in which you’ll need a light to guide the way or simply illuminate a dark area. We suggest investing in a waterproof headlamp for combined portability and durability.

Thermal Blanket or Space Blanket

Thermal blankets, also known as space blankets, are thin, insulated sheets of fabric that help preserve heat and reflect the elements. You’ll often see them used in search and rescue missions or winter camping packages, as they are the most effective way to quickly heat your body. A thermal blanket won’t absorb water and will remain lightweight and effective throughout every use. Most thermal blankets come in packages roughly the size of your hand.

Flare or Whistle

There will come a time in every adventurer’s life, where they’ll encounter some form of danger. Whether the danger be elemental or physical, like a wild animal, a loud, startling sound may be what saves your life. In the event of a wild animal encounter, firing a flare into the air or blowing a loud whistle is almost guaranteed to scare them away. In the event of a storm, becoming lost in the wilderness, or any situation in which you need to call for help, a flare or whistle will save your life.

Fire Starter or Lighter

You’d imagine that lighting a fire in the forest would be more dangerous than helpful, but having access to natural heat is more beneficial than you think. A fire starter or lighter can help in poor lighting conditions, becoming your ally among damp and darker terrain. These tools can also assist in providing ample heating resources, when it comes to cooking, boiling water, drying clothes, or surviving the cold. The effectiveness of a fire source and its sustainability over time makes it a crucial asset for outdoor adventuring. We recommend choosing a fire starter or lighter than comes with multiple uses – matches need not apply – as well as one rated to handle all the elements. And of course, always bring a backup!